Day 18: 31 Day blog challenge. Yes, I know I’m slightly behind. Don’t judge.

I’m the happiest when I have my family with me. Doesn’t really matter where we are, although somewhere on a beach doesn’t hurt. But honestly, I’m the happiest when my family is all together, everyone is healthy and doing well. A beautiful view only tops it all off.

We’ve taken some great trips together and we always make great memories. Some of my favorite are renting a house on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a week. Or, vacationing in Florida and getting our entire family into Disney World for free. Or, skiing in Michigan. Or staying in one of those hotels someone else tells you about and they swore it was a fantastic place to stay. . . only it turns out it wasn’t. But it didn’t matter because we were together as a family.

Where are you the happiest?

Isle of Palms, South Carolina