Wow, today really snuck up on me. I can’t believe it’s time to write again. Maybe it has something to do with going out of town last weekend. Who knows? But it is Wednesday again and that means it’s time for another round of Life Behind the Lens.

As most schools in Greenville County started today, it signals to everyone that summer has come to and end and fall is right around the corner. Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish this summer? Did you read that book you’ve been talking about getting to for ever? Did you lose those pesky 10 pounds you’ve gained since graduation? Did you join a club or start a new hobby?

I guess, once you are finished with your education and have to start a ‘big girl job’, those summers of careless freedoms are long gone. I do remember back to one particular summer in between my junior and senior years of college that changed my life forever.

It was the summer I volunteered to work at a summer camp. In the middle of the Mojave Desert. And I didn’t know anyone. I couldn’t have been more happy.

Not only did I meet my future husband, but I also got to have some adventure. Sure, I had been away from my parents before, but never for an entire summer.  I have a great relationship with my parents, but there is something about being away, completely across the country, that is very exciting.

I worked at Ironwood Christian Camp in Newberry Springs, California. I met some of the nicest, funniest, Godliest people there. My relationship with God became a lot stronger as I was put into counseling situations where I wasn’t quite confident or sure of what I might say or do, but God always found a way to use it to make me a stronger person.

I highly suggest to anyone that they give up just one summer to serve at at camp. It will change your life. I could literally go on and on about the reasons why I believe this.  Although I wasn’t a counselor, I did have my fair share of being a role model, I guess you could say. I worked as a wrangler with the horses. My job was to teach riding lessons, give trail rides, and teach in the horsemanship camps Ironwood held each summer. I loved it. I wish I could bottle those 2.5 months up and keep them forever.

While working at a Christian camp doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be making the big bucks, it will be an eternal reward in heaven.  What is one summer out of your entire life?