I’ve almost made it to a whole week of successfully blogging every day! If you need to catch up on the past 5 days, you can do so by checking the recent article section of the blog.

Today’s topic is ‘Your last random act of kindness”. I’ll be honest here, I had a hard time coming up with something. I know I’ve always¬†wanted to do something, like pay for someone’s meal in the drive through, but I haven’t.

I feel by not having a random act of kindness to blog about today, it makes me out to be this horrible person. Ha!

I’m a nice person. Honest.

If nothing else, today’s topic has encouraged me to get out there and do something nice for some random person. Besides the normal, opening doors for people, or letting someone go ahead of you in car line.

So, instead of my random act of kindness, what was your latest random act of kindness? Leave me some inspiration!