This one simple trick literally changed how I took pictures of newborns or babies. I am by no means a newborn photographer. I don’t, nor do I care to do all the cute little newborn poses that are so popular now. It’s just not in my bag of tricks, and those who can do it, more power to you!  I do, however, love to do a lifestyle type session with newborns and their parents! You can see the most recent newborn lifestyle session here. 

 I still find myself forgetting this technique when photographing babies and I to constantly be reminding myself to implement it.

 For the life of me, I can not remember where I came across this piece of advice. I’m about 99% sure it was on Pinterest, but I don’t know if I could the article again.

 Anyways, to get to the point.

 When photographing newborns and babies, you will want to aim for their tip of their nose. This is require you to stand above the baby, so please make sure your camera is secured before doing so. Instead of standing or sitting in front of their feet, you should now be standing/sitting/crouching more above their face to take your picture.

 I’m not the best at explaining things through the written word, so let me show you with examples.

 In this first photograph, I was sitting near the baby’s feet, pointing my camera up at their faces. This gave me a fantastic view up both their noses.

newborn lifestyle session

I re-positioned myself and the camera, over the top of their faces and focused down on their noses, which gave me a much flattering image of the two of them.

newborn lifestyle session

 I hope after seeing the images, the technique makes more sense now than when you read it for the first time.

 Happy shooting!