I’m excited about this. This is my first ever family for the Jodi Byrnes Photography Family Rep. . . program? I’m still working on coming up with a more clever name. But that’s besides the point.

I came up with the idea a few weeks ago to have a couple families represent my work, sort of like a senior rep, but for families and with a twist. For a discounted price, families or couples receive a session with me. Along the way are a few perks, but essentially the more people you refer to me who book a session with me, the better it is for you.

I put out a request for interested families and I thank you to those who applied and I’m sorry to those who weren’t chosen this time around. If all goes well, I’ll be doing this again in the spring so stay tuned.


Paul and Jennie responded to my call and were up for being one of two families to represent me. Paul and I had a class together in college and I knew who his wife was, but we had never officially met.

The thing I loved about Jennie was she was very detailed in putting their family outfits together. We emailed and texted back and forth several times about details for their photoshoot. I loved the interaction and I feel like we were both happy with the results. This is something I strive for on every shoot, the more a client invests in the details of  their own shoot, the more excited they become about it. I love it when my clients are just as excited (if not more) than me about pictures.

Country peach orchard family portrait session

For our first location, we hit up a peach orchard. I wanted something outdoorsy and out of the blue, this place popped into my head. We checked it out and everything was okay for us to use the property.

Family orchard portraits

The sun could not have been more gorgeous and everything came together perfectly for this setting. I could have shot there all night, but I knew we had another location to get to, so I had to reserve some of that light for the next stop.


family peach orchard session

peach portrait session

2013-12-18_0008family portrait urban session

Everyone quickly changed outfits and we headed downtown Greer. What I love about Greer is the quiet, laid-back atmosphere. I love the old brick buildings, the textured walls, and the quaint feeling when driving around. We picked a side street and started walking around to see what we could find.



urban family session

I’m a bit biased, I totally loved the city pictures, but I have to say the orchard pictures are my favorite. One thing about Paul and Jennie is they made my job so easy. They posed so naturally that I really didn’t have to give much directing at all. Just a few suggestions here and there, and away we went!


greer family portrait session


downtown family session

If you are interested in a family photoshoot and want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me to set something up. Or, if you think you have what it takes to be the next Jodi Byrnes Photography family rep, send me an email and let me know why.

Have a great weekend!