It seems like there are about a million blogs, websites, and how-to websites often entitled “Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer” or “Top Ten Questions for your Photographer”. I’m sure these articles are helpful and give you all kinds of information that you don’t necessarily know what to do with. Do you really need to know what kind of camera your photographer shoots with? Is it really going to be a deal breaker if they shoot with a Canon 7D versus a Canon 5D Mark II? Granted, some questions are good to know, but, remember, the photographer you are hiring is a professional and should know what they are doing.

I thought I’d take a slightly different perspective and tell you what my perfect client would look like. Not every person out there is a good fit for the kind of photography I offer, nor do they value the same things I value when it comes to my business.

I have been thankful in the fact that I have had fantastic clients! I don’t think there has been one that wasn’t a good fit. I attribute that to a couple things; my blog, my website, and of course word of mouth. I can’t thank you enough for telling others about your experience with me! You are the best advertising a photographer could ask for.

Please don’t think once you read this list you must match up to every single item. In the same way you are looking for a photographer that matches your personality and style, I’m simply letting you know the kind of clients that I absolutely love to work with.

My perfect client:

1. Understand the value of photography and the lifelong memories pictures create.

2. Up for anything and willing to try something different.

3. Excited about the photography session and tell others about their experience.

4. Bring their own ideas to the session – I love to collaborate with clients to create a unique session.

5. Realize I’m not a magician, Photoshop and Lightroom can’t fix everything.

6. Fun-loving, outdoorsy, and able to be themselves.

I know it’s not like a super-detailed list, but I feel if my clients have some¬†of these qualities, I know we’ll get along just fine.

The value of photography is important to me, and it can be discouraging when a bride or client just doesn’t have that same passion for pictures as I do. I know, I’m supposed to be passionate about what I do, but it just takes away some of the fun when your client just really isn’t into the whole getting pictures done thing.

What do you look for in hiring a photographer? What factors contribute to whether or not you book that particular photographer? Does it all come down to pricing and what you get for that price? Do you base your decision on the type and quality of pictures the photographer produces? Do you base it on the things the photographer talks about on his or her blog? Do you base your photography decision on what the actual photographer looks like? Do you go off your friends referral, even if your not crazy about the actual pictures?

Let me know what parameters you use when hiring and booking your family portrait photographer and what type of photography experience you are looking for, I’d be interested to know.