So, let me get this straight, you want all three kids in a picture smiling and looking in the same direction, preferably the camera right? Three kids under the age of two. Okay, I’ll do my best.

This was the conversation I had in my head after our family vacation with my husband’s family. We had all the grandkids together, three of them. All boys. Under the age of two. Grandma wanted an updated picture, and so did I for that matter. We all kind of knew it would be a miracle to get all three boys looking in the same direction and even half sitting still.

You know. I think we nailed it. I mean, look at the emotion on Wyatt’s face. That look just says it all right?

In this picture he’s taking it a little too far and being a bit of a diva. Can guys be divas? Or drama queens? Whatever they are called, he was not liking having to share the spotlight. Good grief; always has to be the center of attention.

Then his mother (i.e. me) picked him up and tried all the little things to get him to calm down. I handed my sister my camera and she took over for the rest of the photoshoot. She’s really quite good. It’s the other two little divas in the family that are the problem. So we bribed them with goldfish and crackers and even brought out the inflatable balls. Which did seem to help, until they got too excited to sit still.

So she did get a couple of cute ones of both boys individually. I guess Grandma will have to be satisfied with that for now.

When Wyatt was over his feeling of being left out and good to go, we stuck him back in with the two older boys for some quick shots. The first picture, you can see the rements of the bribery I referred to earlier. Then Wyatt rejoins and Benjamin decides he’s had enough of this picture stuff and takes off.

Meanwhile Logan has  become really enamoured with Wyatt’s hair for some reason, who knows what he was looking at, but it certainly wasn’t the camera.

While all this is happening, Wyatt is actually being good, he’s not smiling, but we can only work with what we’re given right? I mean I’m a photographer, not a miracle worker. As all these shenanigans are going on, Wyatt is just sliding lower and lower in front of Logan.

The whole time there are four mothers behind the camera laughing and trying to coral everyone. It was quite the circus, let me tell you. Oh well. It made for a memorable quick fifteen minutes.

So we didn’t get that million dollar shot. Oh well. There’s always Christmas right? When we can add two more twin boys to the mix. Seriously, we could have a reality show on trying to get that picture.

I love my two nephews to pieces. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the whole world, not even five seconds of sitting still.