I always enjoy photographing Michael and Vicki. I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a great time and with three boys, there is never a dull moment. Last year for their portraits we went to Campbell’s Covered Bridge and had a great time. This year they decided to head downtown Greenville to the gorgeous Falls Park.

I told Vicki as we were walking to our first spot, I wished it wasn’t quite so nice out, because everyone and their brother was at the park. There were mostly families there, some getting pictures themselves, others walking dogs, and some just sitting and watching the world go by.

For their mini session, we only had 30 minutes, so we had to work quickly and shoot fast to get what we wanted. I started out with the whole family and then each individual boy. We worked our way back towards the entrance and took a few more candids along the way. Michael came up with this crazy idea for a picture. . . something to do with him holding one boy upside down by the legs, another boy by the hand as he’s trying to escape and Vicki just taking it all in with the baby.  I loved it.

For each of my family sessions, I always try to get a picture of just mom and dad. It’s important to have a photo of just the two of you, without any kids, without any spit-up or dirt on your shirt, and your hair actually combed. We ended the session with a few quick ones of just Michael and Vicki and I really loved the lighting for those.

Thank you for allowing me to take your family photos and for always supporting me!