Here we are, my very first installment of Life Behind the Lens, clever title, I know. In perusing my picture archive, I came across many pictures that will provide many different blog topics in the future and I actually had a more difficult time than I thought I would in choosing a topic for today’s post.

As you can clearly see from the title, I choose to write about dirtbikes. My dad grew up riding dirtbikes and motorcycles, so I’m very familiar with them. In fact, my dad sold his motorcycle to buy me my first horse, but that’s a story for another day.

The summer I met my husband, Jon, was the summer that I actually learned how to ride a dirtbike. Granted, I’m not very confident in my skills as a rider, however, I do enjoy it and hope to hone that skill a little more. Learning to ride a dirtbike in the open desert is a lot easier than learning to ride in Greenville, let me tell ya. My sister could definitely tell you a great story about her learning experience in the desert.

Stories have a way to be embellished and facts slightly construed as time wears on. The story of my sister, Kelly, learning to ride is one of those stories. Somehow she managed to get stuck between a V in a tree stump. Granted, there were several other bushes and small trees around, but as the story is now told, it was the only tree in the middle of the desert and she hit it. Evidently she was having some trouble turning the bike and somehow ended up perfectly stuck between this V in the tree stump. Embarassed, she quickly tried to get unstuck before anyone saw the bike, but Jon and I saw the whole thing. He drove over to rescue the bike and I think that was probably the last time she rode a bike.

Back in Greenville, my husband and his brother had a place they liked to ride in town aptly named The Pit. This was a piece of property between Greenville and Taylors that was the perfect place to ride. You could always find guys down there riding after work or on the weekends. It wasn’t a huge place to ride, but it did offer a place close for people to play.

One weekend my parents were visiting Kelly and I in school and we made a trip to watch the boys ride down at The Pit. It was a lot of fun watching the guys ride. My dad even rode and had to pull some pretty impressive wheelies too.

A few years ago The Pit was closed down and no one is allowed to ride there anymore. It was a sad day in the Byrnes household, let me tell you. Eventually we sold the dirtbikes and four wheeler, but I’d love  to someday have them again.

Here’s one of Jon doing a wheelie.


 Love this picture of us!

Clearly, you can see how hard core I am with my tennis shoes and dirty jeans.

Here’s one of my dad doing a wheelie.