I first met Hannah when Jon and I walked into the store that he eventually bought my engagement ring from. What struck me about Hannah was of course, her red hair, but also her friendly southern personality. She and Jon chatted for a bit and then he and I left. As we were walking out, he made some comment about Hannah and a friend of his, Justin, kind-of-sort-of-not-really-liking each other. Little did I know at the time that Jon loves to play match maker. Although he’s not the one that set them up, he did encourage them and give Justin a hard time about Hannah.

I don’t remember exactly when I first met Justin, sometime towards the end of 2004, I’m sure. We actually ended up going on the same mission trip to Ironwood Christian camp in January 2005 and I don’t think he quite knew what to make of me. I gave him a hard time and joked around the entire mission trip. I think by the end of the week, he had a better understanding of how to take my personality and we’ve had that sarcastic friendship ever since.

What I love about Justin and Hannah’s story is they have already walked down the aisle together once before. . . but as the ring bearer and flower girl almost 18 years ago. Now they get to do it again for real.

They officially started dating the week Jon and I were married, that’s the only way I remember. ¬†Justin was an usher in our wedding in Michigan and Hannah was vacationing with her family at the beach. I remember all the boys giving Justin a hard time about Hannah being away at the beach and meeting some handsome guy who would sweep her off her feet. I have to say though, I think Justin had already swept her off her feet! No worries there!

I was so excited to hear about Justin and Hannah’s engagement! I had told Jon, “they need to get engaged so I can do their engagement pictures!” They are such a cute, fun-loving couple, that I knew I wanted to do their pictures!

I asked Hannah what she envisioned for the session and she said a rustic, laid-back session and immediately the Lindsey Plantation came to mind. I knew it would be absolutely perfect for them. I shot a wedding there last October and was just dying to use the place again. So we scheduled the session, only to have to change it because of rain, which actually worked out for the best. The day was absolutely perfect and everything came together nicely.

For this session I was able to incorporate my new lights! Justin and Hannah were the perfect couple to use them on because they were so patient and laid back. They let me work through each pose and set up to ensure that it would be right. We didn’t use the lights for every picture, just a few here and there, but it gave me the confidence to bring them out again sometime.

Justin and Hannah, I’m so excited you two are getting married! March 30 will be here before you know it! I know your wedding will be gorgeous and I’m looking forward seeing you tie the knot! Thank you so much for allowing me to take your engagement pictures! This was such a fun and personal session for me!

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