Sarah contacted me several weeks ago to photograph her family. She mentioned the pictures would have extra special meaning to her because one of her three daughters was moving away the day after Thanksgiving. Her son-in-law had accepted a position with a church in Pennsylvania and the family would be leaving.

We decided to shoot the lifestyle session at the Rock Quarry in downtown Greenville. The weather was chilly, but not so cold where you couldn’t be comfortable. I showed up, and not having met Sarah or her family before didn’t really know where to look. I started down the rock stairs carrying my camera bag, stool, and blanket, hands completely full. As I was about half-way down, my right ankle just turned the wrong direction and down I went. I’ll be honest, it did hurt, but at the bottom of the stairs was another family having their pictures taken and of course the entire family saw me fall. Talk about embarrassing! Some kind young lad jogged over and helped me up and down the rest of the stairs.  Way to start the session out huh!?

I managed to pull it together and act professional and started to look around for Sarah and her family. After spotting what I thought was them, I made a quick phone call to Sarah to confirm they were the large group at the opposite end of the quarry.

The rest of the session went smoothly and no one else made a fool of themselves, thankfully.

I had a great time photographing this family and all the ideas they had for pictures. Come to find out they came across my website and saw pictures of some friends. After checking with Kylee on her photo session, they made the decision to book me, I love referrals!!

Sarah and Russell, I hope you had a great time with your family in Pennsylvania and that you enjoy the photos!