These days everything is all about the experience you have with something or someone and photography is no different. In general most people don’t really like having their picture taken for numerous reasons. 

“I need to lose some weight first”

“Our family is too busy”

“I don’t know what to wear”

“I don’t know how to pose”

“I’m uncomfortable in front of the camera”

“I just know my kids won’t behave!” 

I want your family portrait experience with me to be one-of-a-kind. In the good way. The kind you wouldn’t mind having over and over again every year. I want the products you purchase to be timeless and something cherished for years to come. I want your feedback on how I can make your family portrait session even better than before.  To put your mind at ease about how I work or what your experience will be like, I’ve put together a few links of a past client experience and how I run my business the way I do. 

Ready for the ultimate family portrait experience?portrait experience

I was cutting my clients short and they deserved better 

This article is how I do business and why its the best option for clients. I aim to bring the best customer service I can to a photography session and realized my clients deserved more than I was giving. 

Why you should order custom wall art

Admit it, you just want the DVD of images and then you’ll be on your merry way right? Here’s what I think about the difference in a DVD of images and a wall in your home full of custom art that you helped create. 

My Perfect Client

Now that I have your attention. . . instead of you looking for the ideal photographer, let me tell you why I’m looking for my ideal client. Do you fit the bill? Even if you don’t, please don’t let that stop you from scheduling a portrait session with me! 

Pillsbury Family

This family portrait session is probably my all time favorite session. I loved the outfits they chose, the locations we shot at, the lighting was perfect, see why it all worked out so well! 

Ready to schedule your family portrait session? You can contact me here. I’d love to help put your mind at ease.