Here we are on the third day of my 31-day blog challenge and the topic for today is what makes you happy?

I thought about this topic for a little bit before sitting down to write this post. I thought I could write about all the obvious things that make me happy, like my son Wyatt, or my husband Jon, or my friends and family, but I thought that was a little too easy. Besides, it’s a given that my family and friends make me happy. So, I thought, what are the little things in life that make me happy?

I’m not hard to please, just ask my husband and he’ll tell you. Want to see an action movie? sure. Want to go out to ‘Lil Rebel for dinner? why not.  Want to share your birthday evening with a friend of ours? the more, the merrier.

So. The little things in life that make me happy. Here we go. And in no particular order.

When an old song comes on the radio 
When I can sing with my sister in the car at the top of our lungs to all our favorite songs
When Jon saves the last cream soda for me. 
When my son Wyatt smiles at me after he gets in trouble
Bubble baths at night 
Quiet, rainy days
Sitting in the hammock with Jon in the evenings
Riding horses
Driving with the windows down and radio on
When everything comes together for that perfect shot
Good action movies – not the cheesy ones – the classic ones
Friends gathered around the table sharing stories
Spending time with my dad
A good book with uninterrupted reading time
Floating on the lake in the middle of summer
Being tan
Summer nights
Random weekend trip with friends

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What makes you happy?