Just to let you know, I still haven’t folded my laundry yet. If you are just tuning in, you’ll want to read part one of the eight excuses we tell ourselves to put off family pictures, then you will understand what I mean by that comment.

In conclusion to my two-part series on the excuses people give to avoid family portraits, here’s reasons 5-8.

farm portraits


 5. I have nothing to wear – no excuse, you can find something to wear. Or go shopping! Look on Pinterest or ask your best friend for some help, or borrow your sister’s clothes (that’s what I do!). Here’s a article I wrote not too long ago about what to wear


6. My kids are crazy! – aren’t they all? Or is it just my family that fall into that category? I’m a patient woman, just ask my husband.  Well, I have my moments of patience, I’m not perfect. The point being, I will work with your kiddos to get the best images possible.


7. I hate getting my picture taken – Let me be straight with you; these pictures are not all about you. They are for your family, or more specifically, your children. Please take the time to be in photos with your children at every stage in their life. You are creating memories they will have for life and hopefully, inspire them to create similar memories with their children.


8. The last time we had family pictures taken it did not turn out so well – Chances are I didn’t take those family pictures and if I did, give me a call! I can promise you we will have fun and you will have some great pictures to choose from for the walls of your home!


I’d love to set up time to talk with you if you are still on the fence about having family portraits taken. Please give me a call at 864.915.0422 or shoot me an email at JodiByrnes@hotmail.com.

 Now, let me attempt to get that laundry folded. No more excuses!