At the end of April, my son, Wyatt, turned 3 years old, so of course we had to document it and take some photos.

I had an idea in my head of how I wanted the session to go, but was struggling with a location that wasn’t over used.  Because I couldn’t come up with a decent location, his session got put off and eventually it was the first of June before we made it out.

I finally decided on a subdivision directly behind my sister’s house. It was the perfect rural location that I was looking for and it had been right under my nose the whole time.

Last summer Jon was in Wyoming on a mission’s work trip to Camp Grace. He came home with a cowboy hat for Wyatt. Which he refused to wear of course. But since that time he’s worn it off and on and I really wanted a few pictures of him in it for his pictures.

I always tell my clients to pick out an outfit that has your personality, but has some color to it. I took half of my own advice for Wyatt’s session. We went with cowboy boots, jeans, belt and belt buckle, gray shirt, and cowboy hat.

cowboy pictures of 3 year old boyI also did something that I hear a lot of parents do with their children during pictures and have always tried to avoid it with my kids. I gave in this time. I bribed Wyatt with ice cream after his session if he was a good boy. Since it was just him and I, I knew I would need all the help on my side I could get. That, and it was about 93 degrees out so the ice cream sounded really good.

We started off with the cowboy hat since I figured he would be happiest at the beginning of the session versus the end when he was hot and tired.

Low and behold, miracles do happen.

Wyatt wore his hat. He did try to pull the sides down, which of course drove me nuts, because that misshapes the hat. But I quickly got over that and he gave up trying to make his cowboy hat a sombrero.

After a few pictures with his hat, we changed shirts and pulled out a prop, an old chair. I haven’t used the chair before, so Wyatt was the first one to break that one in.

I’d like to do some more while we’re up in Michigan, perhaps at my grandparent’s farm. But for now, here are my favorites of Wyatt’s 3-year-old-session.

Do you have a little cowboy or cowgirl of your own? I’d love to photograph them for you! If you are interested, please send me an email at or use the contact page at the top to send me a request. 


cowboy pictures in greenville