I’m a little behind on this whole 31 days of blogging. But, I have blogged on a much more consistent basis and I’ve had a few sessions to show off. Today’s topic, as I’m sure you’ve guess by now, is music on your ipod.

I love music. I always have it playing. I have such a variety of music on my ipod. I’ve got music from the 60s all the way to current day. I’ve got soundtrack songs, crazy-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs songs, loud fast songs, slow songs, country, hip-hop, rock ‘n roll, alternative, oldies, hymns, and even a few orchestral numbers.

Isn’t it funny how many memories are associated with a song? I hear a song playing and it can take me back to high school just like that. Or a night at the beach in the summer. Or during a hard time in high school when a few friends were kicked out. Or cruising around town. Or that special song we’d always play when coming home from college for a break.  Or when someone had a bad breakup with a boy. Even though most of these events happened many years ago, I can still remember exactly what we were doing or what was going on when we heard a specific song playing.

I don’t know if I have a favorite song. Some days I like to listen to more melancholy music. Other days, when I’m alone in the car, I like to roll the windows down and sing some crazy song at the top of my lungs. When I need to get stuff done, there’s a different mix for that.

What’s your favorite song? What’s on your ipod?

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