This past weekend we had the opportunity to travel to Clarksville, MO, about three hours north of Saint Louis. Jon was in a childhood friend’s wedding so the whole family made the 12-hour trip for a quick weekend. I captured this little gem from my phone and edited it with Instagram (I finally got on board with the app and I love it!)

Like the photographer I am, I was excited to take some fun pictures during our time in Missouri. I recently acquired the Canon 5D MK II and 17-40 mm lens and haven’t really made the time to go play and experiment with it a bit. I had scoped out the wedding venue online and was looking forward to getting some pretty landscape shots. The site for the wedding was located on a bluff that overlooked the Mississippi River in the distance, surrounded by rolling hills and gorgeous trees.

I knew things probably wouldn’t work out quite like I had pictures as far as taking pictures goes. Since Jon was in the wedding party, I had Wyatt all to myself, which meant I couldn’t really leave him to experiment with my camera. I did attempt to get the camera out during the actual ceremony, but Wyatt had other plans for me. He was a really good baby, but decided he needed his momma’s attention more than my camera did.

The wedding was held outside shortly before sunset and Bryan and Corrine became one under two giant trees on the property. The reception was held a short walk from the site of the ceremony. The reception details were right up my alley and I thought everything looked beautiful; from the burlap table cloths, to the tiny string lights overhead to the bottles of coke to the country setting. I love country weddings and wish I had the opportunity to shoot more of them. I love the laid back feel, the decorations typically used, and the settings are usually so beautiful.

I really didn’t take too many pictures, like I would if I were the photographer. I enjoyed myself and took a few snapshots here and there. I realized later I didn’t take any pictures of the gorgeous bride and groom or any of the details of the wedding. I took several pictures of Jon and myself and a few scenic pictures, that is about it. I guess I was enjoying myself and for some reason just didn’t act like the photographer I am. It was nice to actually be a guest at a wedding and not have to be working. It’s a nice change of pace.

Clarksville is a little historic town located in the middle of nowhere on the Mississippi River and it was a nice place to visit. It reminded me of Michigan and being home, driving down the back roads and going through tiny little towns.

Attending the wedding this weekend made me get the itch to do more country weddings and photoshoots out of the city. It reflects more of who I am as a photographer and person. Let me know if you would like to set up a session with me. I am available for engagement sessions, lifestyle sessions, and weddings. I would love to meet you and collaborate with you for your session!