As 2011 rapidly comes to a close, I always wonder what the latest and greatest trends in photography will be in the coming year. Every year seems to bring a new (or old) trend in photography. This year clients were asking for jumping pictures, balloons, chalkboard art, and  chairs in random fields. I’m sure 2012 is sure to bring it’s own twist to the photography industry.

In thinking about trends, I am curious what the trends will be for weddings in the new year. In doing a little research I came across an article from Wedding Business Today – wedding industry new and insights from Chris Jaeger. In the short article Chris outlines several ideas that could perhaps be the hottest trends for weddings in 2012.

Among these trends are cookie-cupcakes, natural accents, colors of the rainbow, attention to detail, and fashion inspired weddings. These trends, and more, were revealed at The Wedding Salon bridal show in Chicago earlier this year. According to the article, “the ultimate trend for weddings will be looking to nature and the local landscape for reception tables. . . additional decor trends for 2012 include elevated centerpieces inspired by architecture and mismatched looks incorporated into table design”.

One of the emerging trends from 2011 has been the twist on the traditional wedding cake. Brides are going to cupcakes, pies, or cookies as their main dessert. Often, brides will elect to have a small round cake for her and the groom to cut and eat, but the majority of the ‘cake’ is made up of a different dessert.

I’ve noticed that feathers seem to be taking the world by storm. They are showing up everywhere, from dresses, to headpieces, to bouquets, to invitations.  The fashion world can’t seem to get enough of these soft little embellishments and are attaching them to anything they can get close to with a glue gun. While I think they have their place, I don’t want to attend a wedding and worry if the feathers on the table will suddenly take flight.

Wedding fashions will always come and go and they will probably never cease to amaze me. I was curious how dresses have changed over the years and decided to do a quick search of the last 50 years.













I think we all remember the craze of the wedding entrance dance back in 2009.


Let me know what you think of these up and coming trends. Do you like feathers in everything? Are you a fan of cup cakes? Would you dance down the aisle? Share your thoughts!