It’s the question I get asked a lot and it’s definitely worth the time. “What should we wear for our pictures?”

You’ve chosen your perfect family photographer and set a date for some unique family photos, now all you have to do is figure out what to wear!  I know my family stresses about this and it’s what I do for a living.

outfits for family portraits


I always tell clients 3 things:

1. Wear something that is comfortable.

2. Wear something you feel fantastic in.

3. Wear something that shows off your personality.

You want to be able to move around during your photo shoot and not have to worry about buttons popping off or falling out of clothes. Putting a little time and effort into what you and your family will wear will pay off big in the long run.
family portrait outfits


Also, pay attention to details. A headband here, a hat here, suspenders, polished shoes, manicured nails, if you need to update those highlights, do so a week or two before your pictures.
outfits for family portraits


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I had worn something different” or “wow, that color does not look good on me”.


outfits for family portraits


You want your family to coordinate, not be all matchy-matchy. Choose two or three colors that coordinate well and create your look around them. Pinterest is full of ideas and boards for this topic alone. In fact, that’s where I pulled the images below from. They are not original with me, just simply ideas that I liked and could easily be replicated.


family portrait outfits

Three ‘don’ts’ that I try to tell clients when choosing their wardrobe:

1. Don’t go spend a ton of money on new outfits for everyone.

2. Don’t show up in something you’ve never worn before.

3. Don’t wear white shirts and khakis.
family portrait outfits
family portrait outfitsI know it may sound harsh, but you will thank me in the long run by wearing something with color, personality, and movement.

outfits for family portraits


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