This shoot came together so quickly that I think Anna should be given an award for efficiency! Anna is the owner of a new floral business in town called Urban Petals (check her out on Facebook too!). She handles everything from bouquets to custom linens for weddings or your special event.  Anna contacted me asking if I knew of anyone who would be willing to model as a bride and groom for her to get some pictures of her work. I told her I’d check and asked if she needed a photographer (wink wink).

Fast forward seven days later and this stylized shoot came together. Anna organized everything and all I had to do was show up and play shoot the session for her. Anna and I attend the same church and the couple who acted as our models also attend our church.

I really enjoyed myself as we shot the session. It was a lot of fun and different from an actual wedding day. It was a little chilly when we first started shooting and I thought that Katie might freeze to death, but as we got started and moved around, we all warmed up. Brad and Katie were such good sports with everything Anna and I threw at them.

Anna did a great job pulling all the details together, from the name cards to the tiny acorn candles to the pumpkins.



Anna can also create coordinated boutonnieres  for the groom and hair pieces for the bride.



Anyways, we shot at the Double J Arena in Pendleton which offered a gorgeous backdrop of horses and open fields. I was in heaven. I love horses and everything Anna created just went perfectly for the fall theme on the farm.



Can you believe that Brad and Katie have been married almost ten years, have two kids, and she can still fit into her wedding dress?! That’s incredible!



I love this image. I love the horses in it, the pop of the flowers and Katie’s dress and the clouds and the trees and. . . I’ll just stop there.



Like I mentioned, this was the first stylized shoot I have ever done and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot from doing the shoot and I would welcome the opportunity to do another. Every time I shoot is an opportunity to learn more and hone my skills.

If you are getting married next year or have an event you’d like a little something special, please contact Anna. I would definitely hire her to do my wedding flowers. I loved her creativity and vision she had for the shoot.