About a month ago I was able to second shoot with Kristy Kaliope Photography for the wedding of Tony and Michelle. The ceremony was due to take place at the beautiful downtown Greer City Park, but with the ominous storm clouds looming all day, the bride and groom opted to hold the ceremony at the intimate Davenport in historic downtown Greer.

We started off the day at the Marriot Hotel with some getting ready pictures and shots of the bridal party. I loved the unique spin the groomsmen added to the wedding by each wearing a different superhero shirt underneath their tuxes. Unbeknownst to the groom, the bride chose a Superman garter to wear. I have to say I absolutely loved the bride’s shoes! I love personalization and uniqueness within a wedding and her blue shoes with just the right amount of bling were perfect.

Both the bride and groom were no stranger to the camera and I loved how they threw their personality into every shot we took.

The ceremony was an intimate, beautiful blending of two families together. I don’t think any relative or friend of the family had a dry eye during the ceremony. Especially during the combining of the different colors of sand to illustrate the combining of two families.

Once the ceremony ended, we hopped in the car and headed to Greer City Park since the rain was holding off, for some more bridal party pictures, family pictures and bride and groom shots. Obviously God had His hand in the entire day because prom was going on the same evening because girls in bright colored dresses and boys all cleaned up in tuxes were everywhere getting their photos taken at the park.

After pictures were complete, we headed back to The Davenport and continued with the reception until late into the evening.

Tony and Michelle are such a beautiful couple, and the way Tony looked at his bride was just magical. The closeness of the two families and friends was undeniable and it made for a fun and exciting reception full of dancing and toasts.

The Davenport Wedding