Not too long ago, on a Saturday afternoon, I was folding clothes in my bedroom. For those of you who know me, that probably comes at a surprise, but miracles have been known to happen. I was folding clothes.

As I was folding my mountain of laundry, I heard a knock on the front door. Jon was closest, so he answered and I immediately heard “What did you guys do?!”

Of course, that got my attention, so I quickly came out into the living room and saw the tiniest, cutest black puppy. My sister-in-law and her husband had just got a lab mix from the Humane Society. They decided to call her Kona. She was mostly black and a little bit of white on her chin and chest and a few spots on her feet.

The kids loved her right away and fought over who got to hold her first. Our dog, Daisy, was so confused why this tiny dog didn’t want to play with her.

I knew we’d have to get some pictures of this puppy while she was still little.

A few days later, I loaded up all three kids in the ‘ole Tahoe and we drove to our little spot to take some photographs with the new puppy and Sadie.

I’m not sure where in my thinking I thought the photoshoot would be fun and easy and Sadie would just sit still and love on the puppy, who would just do adorable things and stay put.

Boy, was I wrong. Sadie and a puppy. Both high energy and both young and spunky.

I did manage to get a few photos of both the dog and child that look pretty good. Towards the end of our play photo session, the puppy started to get sleepy so she was easier to photograph.

The pictures turned out better than I thought they would. Once I started shooting, I really wasn’t sure what we would get, they were both kind of crazy and all over the place.

Here’s my favorites of Sadie and the puppy, Kona.

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