Okay, now that Thanksgiving is officially over, we can concentrate on Christmas! For whatever reason it bugs me when people skip right over Thanksgiving and onto Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for! This year we traveled to Michigan for Thanksgiving with my family. Sad to report there was no snow, but I’m hoping when we go up after Christmas there will be some snow! As much as I love being in Michigan with family and reminiscing about old times, there is always something so nice about coming home again. This year after Thanksgiving, my mom thought it would be fun to watch some old videos of when we were little. She wanted to see how Kelly compared to Logan when she was his age. It was embarrassing and hilarious to watch myself, as a two-year-old. My parents would get me to say ‘pizza’ to smile for pictures when I was little, which Jon just thought was rather funny. Of course we had to watch a few videos of high school and the oh-so-awkward stages of life. I think I had more awkward stages than most kids, I’m convinced. It was a great day full of laughing, rewinding the video and laughing again.

We have been doing some traveling, visiting friends and family and a mini vacation with some friends. It seems as the year begins to wind down, our schedule begins to wind up! I love the holidays though!

Since it has been a little while since my last post, I thought I’d post some pictures of our time in Michigan and then some of our recent visit to Georgetown, South Carolina where we visited Jon’s cousin and new baby. I’ll post some pictures of the Hocker family pictures later this week.

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