I had heard of Pinterest, but I thought it was just the next thing for people to obsess with and then it would lose its shinny appeal and fall by the wayside like so many new Internet crazes do.

I had never been to the site, but thought I would check it out once I attended a photography seminar in Charlotte a few weeks ago. Promise Tangeman gave a presentation on knowing who you are as a person in order to create the best possible website to show your clients your personality and style. She listed several websites to use as inspiration for your wesbite and Pinterest was one of them.

I am happy to say that this skeptic is now a believer. I’ve been a part of Pinterest for almost two weeks now and I have to say I have enjoyed it. It’s relatively new, so if you know nothing about I’ll give you my feeble attempt to explain exactly what it is.

Pinterest is a place to gather things that inspire you, catch your attention, you things you simply like. It’s free  and easy to use. Think of it as a giant digital cork board where you can pin up pictures, posters, tips on cooking, textures, crafts, or whatever strikes your fancy. I have used it as a place to gather things I’m drawn to and hope to use as inspiration for a website that truly reflects me.

After having been on board for a short while, I can really begin to see my style come together. What before was something I had envisioned  in my mind, I can now accurately show on my computer screen. 

You should take the tour and check it out. I’m really enjoying the website and I think it’s a great tool for inspiration in your home, photography, clothing style, decorating, craft ideas, and a lot more. If you are on Pinterest, feel free to follow me and I’ll return the favor, couldn’t we all use some more inspiration? 

 Have you used this site? Is today the first time you’ve heard of it? Who are your favorite people to follow?  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!