I first met Shelley and her husband Larry in 2004 when I was on summer staff at Ironwood Christian Camp in Newberry Springs, California. Her sense of humor and outgoing spirit made her likeable immediately. Over the years, I have gotten to know the Conways better and their desire to serve the Lord in the camping ministry. Each family on staff at Ironwood is responsible to raise their own support, not unlike missionaries.

Since meeting Shelley, she has struggled with some sort of medical problem and it has been an ongoing process to diagnose the cause of it all. This past spring, they discovered she had a cancerous tumor on her spine.

Since then, they have begun months of chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor. This has resulted in many long hours and miles on the car, as camp is located 2 hours from the hospital, long hospitals stays, time away from her 3 children, nausea, sickness, and weakness.

On July 22 she had surgery to remove the tumor. Four surgeons were present for the surgery, the chief oncology surgeon, a neurologist, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and a plastic surgeon.

Throughout this whole journey, they have given God the glory, even when they don’t know the reason or the meaning of all of this. But they know that God is in control and He has a purpose for everything. Their testimony of His goodness to them has been humbling for me.  I wanted to help them financially, howbeit a small measure, and that’s where you come in.

For the entire month of August, 100% of profits from any portrait session booked will go to help Larry and Shelley Conway and their family. Please consider being part of something bigger than pictures, and help a family who is truly in need. If you are interested in a portrait session, you can send me an email at info@jodibyrnes.com. Thank you in advance for your giving!

Cancer patient portrait sessions