It was dinner time and things were chaotic as I’m sure dinners are for most families with three little people running around. Just as I sat down to eat, after ensuring each blessed child had his or her food where it was supposed to be (on the plate and not on the floor), my phone rang. After debating about not answering, I checked the number and recognized it was a friend from the gym, so of course I answered.

After a brief conversation, I had agreed to photograph a surprise engagement at the Rock Quarry, downtown Greenville, the very next night! Good thing I answered right?!

I met up with Jake (a coach at The OutPost Training Facility) the next evening and he had this huge giddy smile on his face, it was so obvious how excited (and maybe nervous) he was. We talked about his plan and walked down into the garden area to find the perfect spot.

We chatted for about 10 minutes before his soon-to-be-fiance came walking down the stone stairs on a mission to “find Jake”.  I was supposed to be hiding, but there just wasn’t a fantastic place to hide and still get the angle I needed, so I tried to look inconspicuous, but I’m sure to the passerby I probably looked a little silly pretending to take pictures of the sky and trees.

As soon as Grace walked up, I started clicking the shutter button on my camera. She had her sunglasses on which made it hard to see her expression, but one thing you could not miss was the big smile on her face. I am pretty sure she had guessed what was coming earlier in the day, but her reaction was still priceless!

I was honored to be a part of such an exciting occasion and I wish Jake and Grace the best of luck in the future!