I’m pleased to show off the second family that is involved in my first ever Family Rep program with Jodi Byrnes Photography. The Pattersons have agreed to be my second family and I was excited to shoot their session. I have to say it was a hectic week for both of us, Jaalah was in the process of closing on two homes and had meetings at church all week, while I had sessions and a mission’s conference at our church. Somehow we managed to pull ourselves together and make this shoot happen!

We agreed to meet at Campbell’s Covered Bridge up in Landrum. The forecast for that particular day turned out to be rain, but only a slight possibility and only in the afternoon. Like any citizen who lives in the Upstate area, we all know the weather has a mind of its own. On the drive up to the bridge, it was cloudy behind me and sunny ahead. I just prayed that the rain would hold off long enough for our session.

The Pattersons arrived and we began shooting. About ten minutes into the session, I felt a rain drop on my head. Jaalah and I looked at each other and decided the bridge was the best place to be. So we gathered up our stuff and the kids and ran for the bridge. It turned out to be a lite drizzle, so while we waited for the rain to pass, we shot some images under the cover of the bridge. Almost as soon as it began, the rain stopped and we were able to finish up with the session.

Jaalah and I actually have a close connection – she was the doula we used when Wyatt was born. When I put out my call for families who would be interested in representing Jodi Byrnes Photography, Jaalah said she was interested and I’m so glad that it worked out. A little plug for her – if you are expecting a baby in the future, give her a call and see how she can help you have a good birth experience.

Anyway, I’m happy with the images we were able get amongst the excitement of the rain!