I love it when friends come to visit. Especially friends I haven’t seen in forever! A friend from my childhood was visiting her family in South Carolina over the holidays and asked if I could take some family portraits for her.


Originally we thought we’d shoot downtown Greenville, but changed our venue to an open field just north of Greenville. It’s probably one of my favorite locations to photograph families at, so I was excited!

Having a background in interior design, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about clothing choices with Whitney’s family, and they did not disappoint! All the colors coordinated so well and really looked sharp in the setting we were shooting.

One thing I love about photographing friends is the super relaxed nature of the portrait shoot. Having a relationship with my clients really allows for creativity to flow both directions. I love being able to try new things and have suggestions made as well. Having a solid friendship in place for many many years really allowed us to be candid with one another and move on if a particular pose wasn’t working just right.

It also allows for very genuine expressions, as the family is comfortable with me and knows my . . . interesting sense of humor. Very few people in the world really get my humor, and Whitney is definitely one of them. She gets me.

It was a lot of fun getting to play around during their family portrait session and I’m very happy with how the images came out. We even snagged a few of grandpa and grandma with the boys since they tagged along for the fun!