My son, Wyatt, turns 1 at the end of this month on the 30th. Time has certainly flown by. My parents were in town a couple weeks ago to visit and help baby-sit while my brother-in-law and sister got some away time. Since my parents and grandparents were in town, we decided to celebrate Wyatt’s birthday a little early with my side of the family. So, on his 11-month birthday we celebrated his one-year old birthday. We’d still celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday, but probably with some friends.

I was probably like a lot of new moms out there. I wanted it to be special and to have a theme. I’m probably the worst party planner when it comes to creativity. I didn’t want to do something cheesy or something that is way over done. I scrolled through pinterest for hours trying to find something that would hopefully jump out at me. Then I got depressed. There is a lot of time spent into these one-year-old parties, not to mention money between the food and decorations and party favors. That’s when I decided Wyatt would get a themed cake and that’s it.

I decided on a farm theme. I made Wyatt a little red barn for his smash cake and then the rest of us got cupcakes decorated as the farm animals. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It probably wasn’t up to Martha Stewart’s standards, but for me, it was impressive. My family even said so.

I made a small square cake and cut the top off at an angle for the barn, covered it red frosting and added some green-dyed coconut for the grass. I got the recipe from Betty Crocker and it was super easy to follow.

For the cupcakes, it was taking rather long and I didn’t want to spend my entire afternoon decorating all these farm animals. So I changed it up and made the cupcakes into pigs. I had the pink frosting, used m&m’s for the eyes, marshmallows for the nose and a little black icing for the nostrils. I thought they turned out cute!

We grilled out and everyone brought a side of some sort.  It all came together nicely, and I wasn’t that stressed out, once my cake turned out okay, it was all smooth sailing from there.

For Wyatt’s ‘real’ birthday, I’ll probably order pizza and he’ll be lucky to have a cake at all!

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barnyard and pig birthday party2013-04-16_0005 red barn smash cake birthday party red barn smash cake birthday party red barn smash cake birthday party