For day 7 of my 31 day blog challenge,  the topic is ‘what is your dream job?’  I think I’m pretty close to my dream job now. I get to set my own schedule, work when I want to, photograph and meet new people, and actually get paid for it! I guess one thing that I’d add to that would be something with horses. Or if I could travel and take pictures.

I love being a mom, I never knew it would be so much fun. My dream job would definitely incorporate my family. Its not really about the money, or retiring by the time I’m 45. It’s about being happy. I love the work that I get to do now. I’m happy.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a jockey. I just thought that would be the coolest job ever. Riding horses really fast, who wouldn’t love that? Last time I checked though, there aren’t very many 5’7″ professional jockeys running around. I guess that’s why they call it a dream job right?

What is your dream job? Are you doing it now?