Earlier this year I held a contest for a free family shoot. The couple that ended up winning actually just had a photography session gifted to them, so they decided to transfer their free session to their brother and sister-in-law. Stephanie and I coordinated many months back and forth to schedule a time and we ended up just taking the pictures a week ago.

I was excited about taking pictures of these two little guys. I had heard they were full of energy and just as cute as can be. Christian is three and Seth is two and everything I had heard was so true! Stephanie brought both the boys footballs, and that was such a good idea. We kind of just let them be themselves and I followed them around with my camera. We did direct a few shots, but overall, just let them do their thing. That’s typically how I operate, I’m there to capture life as it happens, and not some over posed shot. My hat is off to those photographers who can get a two and three-year-old to sit still long enough to pose them into a fantastic shot, it’s just not me.

I’m really happy with the session and how the pictures turned out. I think the boys actually even liked me because they were giving out hugs and wiping sweat on me towards the end of the session!

Both boys have these incredible eyes. . . what is it with all these gorgeous eyes I’m seeing lately?

We had a collision. The football game got a little rough, so mamma had to step in and comfort everyone. The game resumed about 30 seconds later.