These past few days have been nothing but a few sprinkles here, a torrential downpour there, a glimpse of sun, and then more rain. My little two-year-old guy is about to go crazy, mommy included, with having to be cooped up inside.

Rainy Day


We had a short break in the weather today shortly after lunch and thought it would be fun to play in the mud puddles out in our front yard. Bath time will just come a little earlier today.


Rainy Day


I’m not sure what the neighbors thought of this 8-month pregnant lady crouched down in the gravel drive taking pictures of her son running and jumping in the mud puddles, but I’m sure we provided ample entertainment for the afternoon.


Rain Fun


I have really been working hard to pick up my camera more when I’m home, rather than just waiting to use it for clients. I really want to capture these moments with my son, and it helps me to hone my editing and shooting skills at the same time.


Rainy day


I love how not everything in the photos are perfect.

Today, we were lucky to get clothes that matched on, and he usually loves to wear his work boots, so we lucked out there as well with the Crocs.
Rain Day


I love that he desperately needs a hair cut.

I love that he loves what he’s doing.
Rainy Day Fun


I hope you enjoy our rainy day mud puddle pictures!


Fun Rainy day