We all have a few movies that we could watch over and over and never get sick of them right? Today’s topic covers just that.

I love watching movies. My favorite are probably spy, espionage, action movies. I love a good drama. Chick flicks are okay sometimes. Comedies here and there are good too. Most of the movies in my TV cabinet are action, I’d be hard pressed to find half a dozen girly movies that I own. Lucky for Jon.

My list of movies that I own and never get tired of watching are really going to tell a lot about me, so don’t hate. I’ll give you my top ten in no particular order. Let me know if one of your favorites is on my list. You can come over and we’ll watch it together. I’ll even pop popcorn.


1. Top Gun – come on! Who doesn’t love a little beach volleyball?

2. Man From Snowy River/ Return to Snowy River – who doesn’t love a good horse movie with a guy from New Zealand?

3. Sahara – classic. I love  Steve Zahn and Matthew McConaughey in this film. Just classic.

4. Fool’s Gold – a great summer movie.

5. All 5 of the Fast and Furious movies – fast cars. enough said. Looking forward to the new movie this May.

6. Both Sherlock Holmes movies – I love the comedic timing of Robert Downey, jr.

7. The A-Team – although I’m sure it’s not as good as the TV series

8. Country Strong – I have about the whole soundtrack on my ipod.

9. The Guardian – Love that this movie is about the Coast Guard.

10. Red Dawn – I saw the remake in theaters and really enjoyed. I never saw the first one.

So, now that you know this intimate part of my life, what are your favorite movies?