I love it when people from my past contact me about taking pictures of their family. I had gone to school with both Tyler and Katie and was so excited when she contacted me to take some updated pictures of their family and little baby doll, Karleigh.

In deciding where to take pictures, I really wasn’t coming up with anything different than the old standbys. I try to think of places that are different because I’m not crazy about using the same place over and over ¬†with clients. I think it helps stretch me and gives my clients something unique and different from my other clients.

When I suggested Legacy Park in Greenville, Katie said she was actually thinking of the same place. I hadn’t been there before, but it sounded good and that’s where we ended up. The park was actually a lot bigger than I had originally thought and offered a lot of different looks and places for pictures.

What I typically do for clients with little kids is follow them around and let them do their thing to get used to me and my camera. Then, I slowly start to direct a few photos, and usually by the end of the session we’ll finish up with the parents and kids or the whole family. This tactic has served me well and worked like a charm with Miss Karleigh.

She has these pretty blue eyes and red hair. (What is it with the blue eyes and/or red hair on kids I’ve been taking pictures of lately?). She was a happy kid and loved the balloons when her daddy brought them out. I loved Katie’s idea and I think the balloon pictures turned out so cute! I love it when clients bring their own creativity to the session; it adds a bit of originality to their pictures.