A few times a year we get to visit with my husband’s sister and her family. They are serving in ministry in Florida and trips to and from South Carolina aren’t as frequent as we would all like. Every year in March, they travel up to The Wilds for a conference and get to spend a few days with us. Well, Justin goes to the Wilds, Rebekah and the kids get to stay in Greenville and play with the cousins for the week.

We always try to get an updated family picture when they are in town. This visit was a little extra special because we were able to meet our new nephew, Michael. He was born in January so he still had that new smell on him.

Typically, our photo shoots are very quick and in the front yard of my mother-in-law’s house. To be honest, I was getting tired of always photographing here. I know, it’s easier for everyone, but I was ready for a change of scenery for Rebekah’s family.

We drove over to the Furman area of town, but drove just a little bit past, to a secluded area that I like to do, especially for families with small children. There’s not much going to be distracted by, and it’s a fun place for them to play and photograph kids being themselves.

The girls were so funny together and the second right before this portrait was taken had everyone laughing. I asked the girls to touch their cheeks together and immediately, one reaches over and pushes the cheeks of the other sister together. It wasn’t quite the look I was hoping for, but it did give everyone laughs.

Of course, exploring and running around in the woods are a boy’s favorite thing to do right? This big guy was no exception and thoroughly enjoyed climbing over everything.

As always, mom and dad need an updated picture. I always strive for a couple pictures of just the parents together. Being a big goof, Justin didn’t disappoint when I asked him and Rebekah to touch cheeks, he gave me the exact reaction I wanted and it was priceless.

Here’s a few of my favorites of their family portraits.

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