You know the feeling. It’s that feeling you get in your heart when you see your fiancée. Your heart just skips a beat even saying the word out loud. Fiancée. You have a million thoughts running through your head about all the planning that will have to take place in the upcoming months. Scheduling a venue, setting up a caterer and menu, finding a dress, choosing your flowers, scheduling a photographer, planning the honeymoon, and the list could go on and on.

However, before the craziness of wedding planning begins, there is one thing you should consider doing first. Engagement photos. Who wouldn’t want special photos documenting your love and your first few days being engaged? It’s such a fun and flirty time, why not get pictures taken?

The next question on your mind is How do I make my engagement pictures unique to me? No bride wants a cookie cutter engagement album that looks just like her best friend’s engagement album. She wants her pictures to be unique, special, and one-of-a-kind. I’m not talking about the one-of-a-kind pictures you get from your Uncle Joe. I’m talking about pictures that truly capture the moment and feelings and energy that you and your fiancée have between the two of you.  The kind of images that show the love and intensity which simply must be captured in a timeless way.

I found an article entitled Better Engagement Photos and thought I’d list some creative ways to think outside the box a little bit.

1. Use props

2. Act out a scene

3. Explore your neighborhood

4. Wait for great lighting

5. Take action and do an activity

6. Use your family history

7. Create a unique frame

8. Revisit your past

9. Stand out in a crowd

10. Shoot from a distance

11. Focus on the future.

I hope this list was a help to you! To read more on this article, click on the link.