Graduations and weddings are what typically come to my mind with I think of the month of May. It seems that once graduation season is over with, wedding season is already in full swing. As this month comes to a close, many high schools in the area are celebrating the class of 2011.

Wow. Just typing that out makes me feel so old! It will be exactly 10 years ago this May that I graduated from Community Baptist Christian School in South Bend, Indiana. So many memories come to mind when I think of my time there.

You know, most high school seniors usually want to attend their high school graduation. Not this senior. Nope. I had more important things on my mind. Horses.

You see, there was this horse show in Texas that I badly wanted to compete in. I had a goal of being in the top twenty in the nation within my age group in the American Paint Horse Association. Up until this point I had been traveling and showing competitively in several different states, earning points towards my ultimate goal.  My grandparents and I would travel all across the country for these horse shows. We mainly stayed close to Michigan and Indiana, but would travel quite a distance for a big show.

There happened to be a huge horse show in Texas that I wanted to attend, but it was scheduled for the exact same weekend as my high school graduation. I asked my parents if I could go to the show instead of graduation. It’s all about priorities right?

They were fine with it, but told me to ask the principal if I could. So I did. I asked if graduation was a required event. I think I shocked him. He had this puzzled look on his face and was quiet for a moment. His response? “No one has ever asked me that before”. Figures, I would be the first one to have to blaze the trail. “Yes,” he finally answered me “graduation is a required event.”

Dang it. Why did I even ask? I should have just skipped. Oh well. Such is life I guess. So I attended my high school graduation, the required event.

Looking back, I still would have skipped, being 10 years older hasn’t changed a thing in that area of my life.

Anyways. I think there is some sort of a plan in the works for a reunion this fall, but I’m not sure if that will actually happen.

If, for whatever reason, we do get together for this epic 10-year high school reunion, I don’t think I’ll try to skip out on it. After all, you only graduate from high school once.