So a few weeks ago Jon finally talked me into going fishing with him. He absolutely loves to fish; I think he could do it every day of the week for the rest of his life and not get bored. He and his dad had been working on putting a boat together for a while. By putting a boat together, I mean, they bought the boat, then the motor, then the seats, then some special compartment . . . you get my point?

Anyways, the boat has been finished since early spring and Jon has been trying to get me to go out on it for a while. So I finally agreed. We dropped Wyatt off with Grandma and Jon and  I went out on the little fishing boat.

I am proud to say I did catch a few fish and even a few keepers. We had a great time and I would probably go out again, just don’t tell Jon. . . it will be our little secret.

While on the water I decided to try my hand at some more HDR pictures. I take HDR pictures for my real estate clients, but I have yet to experiment with anything else. Granted we were on a moving boat, so the pictures weren’t tack sharp, but I am pleased with how they turned out.

Let me know what you think!