I’ve known Elizabeth’s parents for a couple years now. They grew up at the same church as my husband, Jon. Josh and Lydia have been together practically forever. They dated all through high school and then got married shortly after graduation.

Josh is serving in the Army and is currently deployed overseas. I’m not sure if it was timing or the hand of God, but Josh was able to have two weeks of leave exactly during the time his daughter, Elizabeth, would turn one. Jon and I were invited to the big birthday party and were instructed to not worry about bringing a gift. Of course, I’ve never been one to listen or follow instructions very well, so we thought about what a good gift would be for a one-year-old.

We came up with a photo shoot. Which would mostly be for the grandparents and parents, but I know one day Elizabeth will appreciate them. I hope.

A few weeks ago we had perfect weather and decided to head to Furman University for the photo session. Upon pulling on to campus I saw droves of people all dressed up in formal wear. “Great.” I said. “It figures the one day we schedule this shoot, the university would have something going on.”

The further we drove on campus, I began to see that these were high schoolers. And it was prom night. How did I know that? Because there were clusters of kids everywhere being followed by their mothers, toting camera in hand. It was actually pretty comical to watch some of these mothers directing their kids on how to pose for those epic prom pictures.

Luckily for us, the place we chose wasn’t crowded and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Elizabeth did great and I think we were able to capture a lot of her unique faces. She’s a tiny little thing and makes these intense faces that you just can’t help but laugh at.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take pictures of your baby girl!

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