“Austin, look at me. Over here buddy!”

“Travis, put the leaf down”.

“Look this way guys!”

“Big truck!”, said Austin with the importance of a life or death situation as he pointed down the street to an oncoming garbage truck.

“Look, big truck”, repeated Travis, not to be out done by his two-minute-older brother, getting up and taking a few steps towards the road.

“Guys, come back. Sit down. Look at me,” showing my patience as a photographer and aunt.

“Wyatt, get out of the road. Watch out for the truck!”, putting my mom hat back on for two seconds.

“Austin. Travis. Sit down,” said my sister and mamma of the twins.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

Me holding the shutter button down and hoping one of the five pictures I just took both boys were looking at me.

And hopefully smiling. Hopefully there were no tears.

Hopefully we didn’t catch the arm of Wyatt as he ran into the camera frame to chase a leaf.


Taking pictures of twins.

Who are boys. Who are 2.

With their 4 month older cousin running around. Who is a boy.

Kelly and I survived and the boys were actually cooperative for us. We were just firing instructions rapid fire and shooting with the quickness of a jackrabbit.

We shot the twin’s session downtown Taylors near the old mill that has been recently reopened and becoming a hot spot for local artists to work and create.

Here’s a few of my favorites we managed to snag before picking up their older brother Logan and heading off to a much deserved lunch at Pizza Hut with 4 boys and an infant. But that’s a story for another day.

Downtown Taylors, SC Downtown Taylors, SC Downtown Taylors, SC Downtown Taylors, SC Downtown Taylors, SC