Back in August I was able to partake in a fundraiser family yard sale to help raise funds for a couple in our Sunday School class.  During that time, I offered a special package and part of the funds would be donated to the cause. I was so thankful for Kylee and her family to take advantage of the pricing and book a session with me!

Last week we were able to get our schedules to match up and we met to take some pictures of her cute family. These kids were so cute and can totally do that serious look without actually looking mad, unlike myself. I loved the outfits Kylee choose, something different from the white shirt and jeans look, I love bright colors for outfits, it just really adds personality and brings the pictures alive.

Kylee is the co-writer of a blog called The Mud Pie Makers. It’s full of useful information and fun activities you can do with your children. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of the blog posts and I especially like the pictures that get posted with the articles.

Thanks again for allowing me to capture your family!