Over the holidays, Jon, Wyatt and myself drove up to Michigan to spend a week with my family. I always pray for snow to get my winter fix in. Usually we do get some snow while visiting the north and it’s just enough for us to play in and happy that I live in the warm south. This year it was frigid cold and snowy, which made for some fun memories on the snowmobile out to my grandparent’s farm.

One of the things I worked on over the week long visit was catching up on some marketing classes. I purchased a sales/marketing class through Creative Live last summer and just haven’t had or made the time to finish listening to it. So I knocked out several hours of seminars and note taking. It was fantastic.

All too soon, our time with family came to and end and we packed up all of Wyatt’s new toys in the truck and began our trek back home.

Back at home, we unpacked everything and tried to find a place for the new presents we brought back with us. As I was unpacking my computer stuff, I realized I had left my power cord at my parents house, 700 miles away in Michigan.

I didn’t panic, as my laptop had a full battery and I knew it would be a slow week, so I wasn’t too concerned. My sister was still up in Michigan and would be coming back to South Carolina at the end of the week, so she could bring it back for me.

I updated everything I needed to that first day, checked my banking, and a few miscellaneous items which left about 7% battery on my laptop, just in case I had to use it for something, I’d have a few minutes left.

I have to tell you, that week I didn’t have access to my computer was fantastic. Yes, there were times I wanted to jump on and do some research or finish up my seminars, but being forced to stay off my computer did wonders for me and my house.

I rearranged the living room and our bedroom (something I’ve been wanting to do for the past 3 years). The house has never looked cleaner. I spent a lot more time playing with Wyatt. I swear, we put a thousand miles on his toy trucks last week.

I actually planned meals instead of the usual quick and easy (i.e. frozen pizza). I even organized our linen closets and made a large donation to Goodwill. I finished a few books and started a few more business books.

Granted, it was hard at times and I am thankful for my tablet, which allowed me to check email and surf Pinterest. I wrote out my entire year’s worth of blogging. I changed my pricing to a much simpler format. I planned a date for spring mini sessions.

Jon jokingly said I should lose my computer power cord more often. I think he enjoyed me being distraction free for the week. I think I agree.

Time is precious and honestly, I do waste a lot of it on this computer. One of my goals for 2014 is to make my computer time more productful, to get on and do what I NEED to do and not just play around.

I’m looking forward to the things I have planned for 2014. I hope you are too!