Kristy and I have become fast friends since she second shot a wedding with me last summer. We bounce all kinds of ideas off each other; business, working out, spiritual, equipment, pricing, you name it. I love that we have a lot of the same interests, yet we always mange to balance the other out.

We decided to get together and practice our posing, update our headshots, and find some new locations for shooting. An old building towards downtown caught my eye and I suggested we try there. So, last week we spent a couple of hours playing and trying out new poses. It was a blast. I didn’t feel any pressure for coming up with a new pose or transitioning into a new background.

Kristy claims she can’t do a serious look without coming off as mad. I disagree. Out of all the shots we took that day, I found myself leaning towards the more serious expressions she had. If you know Kristy, you know she has a big heart and big smile, so she felt a little out of sorts doing the whole sultry, serious look. But, I think she nailed it. ┬áThese were some of my favorites from the day.

Go check out her site and tell her I sent you! She does fantastic work! She’s also on Facebook, so be sure to like her page!

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