I have always been curious just how much better a pro-level camera is than an amateur level camera, and an amateur level camera than a point and shoot.  Obviously there is a big difference, but I wanted to see it side-by-side and compare it.

I recently aquired a Canon 5D MKII camera and the 17-40mm lens. I could immediately see a difference. I shoot real estate photos for local realtors and had been shooting those photos with my Canon Rebel Xsi and kit lens. The very first shoot I took the new camera out on, I noticed a huge difference, simply on the back of the camera. When I got back home to process the pictures, the difference was even more amazing.

I wanted to conduct a little experiment to see just how big a difference these three cameras would be from each other. Granted, I was in a slight hurry so my creativity is lacking what I took a picture of. I had rented the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens over the weekend for a wedding and wanted to compare all my cameras on the same settings. However, due to lack of planning and time on my part, I simply shot two different objects with all three cameras on auto. Perhaps next time I will get a big more creative and take a picture of something slightly more interesting and shoot all three cameras in manual with the exact same settings.

I know this experiment isn’t highly scientific, but I thought a lot of camera owners shoot in manual and I wanted to see the difference between the three cameras and what they thought would be the proper exposure for the two items I used in my shoot.

The first object is our lovely bird feeder out back.

 My results:

1. The bokeh on the 5D is much better than the other two cameras.

2. The contrast on the 5D is more to my liking than the other two cameras

3. The Sony Cybershot photo is warmest and the 5D is the coolest between the three.

4. The 5D is sharpest, followed by the Rebel, and the Sony last.

For my next test shot, I took a pictures of one of my rings on the back table. You’ll have to excuse how dirty the glass is. . . didn’t take the time to clean it.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but I should have taken this picture vertically, versus horizontally, which makes for a better comparison, but oh well.  I realize as I sit here typing this out, I didn’t keep the zoom the same for this shot. The Sony is much more zoomed in than the other two pictures. Oh well, good thing I’m not doing an official camera comparison, I would certainly be out of a job.

My results:

1. Again, the Cybershot is the warmest photo.

2. It’s hard to see, but I feel as though the 5D offered the sharpest photo.

3. The Rebel is a good middle of the road picture.

Overall the Canon 5D has my vote. The Rebel is a great second choice and the Sony would be third. I have taken some great images from the Sony and Rebel and wouldn’t knock either of these cameras. However, now that I have been spoiled by the 5D, its hard to use the Rebel and Sony.  I carry the Sony in my purse because its small, compact and I can have it on had to take pictures of my son while we are out. I probably would carry the Rebel if it I had a soft case to put into my purse. . . I’ll have to look into that. Any suggestions on that?

So as I finish up this blog post, I realize I should have been a lot more specific in what I shot and what settings I used. Again, I was in a hurry because I really wanted to do a blog on the three camera and simply couldn’t wait.  I will definitely do this experiment again and will be MUCH more specific and precise on how I conduct it.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear what you think about the three images, which one you like best, which one you like the least, and anything else you’d like to tell me.

Happy Wednesday!