I finally finished reading George W. Bush’s Decision Points. It took me a little while, since the book was so long, but I really enjoyed it.

He organized the book by major events, instead of a chronological timeline. I found that I actually enjoyed this perspective more because he stayed focused on one issue for several pages, rather than jumping around from one issue to the next, constantly back and forth.

The other thing I enjoyed about the book is it’s history that I actually remember. I love learning about history, but it never failed in school, we’d always run out of time for the modern history to be taught. I really liked the fact that I was around when these events happened.

I’m not one to stay on top of politics or the latest happenings in Washington, but I do hear bits and pieces on the news and Internet. I usually know enough to be dangerous. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this particular book is President Bush explained the way things work, the decisions he made, how decisions other countries made affected America, and the various processes of the government.

I can’t imagine having the job of being President. After I finished reading, the one prevailing thought that hit me was how sharp the president has to be. Bush discusses  14 major topics over the course of his presidency and the last chapter is devoted to summing up a bunch of other topics he didn’t discuss in the book. At any one time, he had so many different programs and bills and councils and other countries vying for his attention, it was unreal to think about.

I’d recommend this book if you want to gain an insight into President Bush’s life. Although I wouldn’t say this book is an easy read, because it is almost 500 pages, it does flow well and Bush writes in a way that  it’s almost like you’re listening to him tell the story himself,  instead of you reading it.  I loved how much he included about his faith and God and how that helped shape him during his presidency. Although I’m not a supporter of President Obama, I have a much greater appreciation for the role he has in our country. It definitely makes me want to pray more for our leaders.