I struggle with the whole blogging on a regular basis thing. I never know what to write about or what will be interesting to readers. I always tend to think my blog has to be photography oriented, since that is what I do. However, I really want to connect with my clients and potential clients, and this is a fun way to hopefully show you a different side of me. This morning I came across a blog post from a friend of mine who posted this 31 Day Blog Challenge. I glanced over it and thought to myself, that seems easy enough. Who knows if anyone will read it, but it will be a good thing to for me to do.

So, Day 1: Self-portrait and 5 random facts about yourself.

I’ll admit, it was fun trying to take a self-portrait. I narrowed it down to two, which one do you like best? This is me everyday, sitting at my desk, working. Well, that’s not entirely true. I usually don’t have earrings on and I’ll be lucky to have this much eye make-up. I guess I knew I was going to be taking this self-portrait so I wanted to be sure I looked good for ya!

Jodi Byrnes Self Portrait Jodi Byrnes Self Portrait

Okay, so five random facts about me. Most of my random facts are on my about page, which you can read. So trying to come up with five things that aren’t on that list. . . hm. . . this could be a challenge.

1) Twins run in my family. Most people think my sister and I are twins. If they don’t think that, they think she’s the older one, when in fact, I’m two years older. Oh, and she had twin boys last September.

2) Growing up, I wanted to be a jockey. When I hit 5’7″ I thought maybe that career wouldn’t work out for me.

3) I hate roller coasters. Not a fan. I was when I was little and didn’t know any better. Now that I’m much older and wiser, I really don’t like them.

4) Most of our vacations are spent on mission work trips. We’ll be heading to Wyoming this summer for one! I’ve never been there before, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of our beautiful country.

5) I hate being told what to do. But then, who doesn’t?

So there you have it. Whew, that wasn’t too hard.